BILTREC has agreements with logistics operators specialized in storage, treatment and handling of chemical products to offer a fast and efficient service in both imports and exports.

All warehouses are managed informatically which allows us to have an efficient and real inventory control, batches and stocks at all times.

Likewise, all the warehouses comply with the APQ standard that corresponds to the storage with total safety of the corresponding chemical products and, for safety, they are all located in industrial zones far from the urban area.

and transportation

From the shipment of maritime containers or land trucks to parcel by air, all professionals involved always seek the best logistics solutions to meet the challenge of offering the best service at the most competitive price.

A team of experts in international transport together with agreements with maritime freight forwarders, local companies and international logistics distribution groups, enable the most complex operations: From quality controls at origin, customs procedures, correct management of incoterms and documentary credits to maritime insurance, special taxes and customs exemptions.

and manufacturing

BILTREC can adapt almost all the received containers to the format desired by our customers thanks to the latest technology applied at the plant offering 1Mt BBags, 25Kg bags, 15Kg bags, cans, drums, IBCs and isotanks.

The packaging is done following the instructions of our customers throughout the process using their own packaging materials or providing new packaging alternatives such as aluminized, plastic, water soluble bags, etc.

Mixtures, dilutions, unmixing, grinding: BILTREC has their own mills to be able to offer services of solid mixtures, dissolving of chemical products, dilutions of solids in liquids and millings up to 15µ of fineness.

We collaborate with our own external laboratories to control the quality of the formulation processes: granulometric analysis, moisture and suspensibility of wettable powders, etc.

In this laboratory we have small-scale machinery for the development of new formulations.

Shopping center

BILTREC also offers outsourcing services or comprehensive purchase management to third parties that may need it.