BILTREC has the latest quality certifications granted by Bureau Veritas (ISO) and the Qualia Group (LOPD)

Quality controls / Laboratories:

BILTREC has agreements with external quality control laboratories, both nationally and internationally, which allows us to ensure and confirm the quality of our products at all times, being able to control the purity, water content and particle size, among other parameters. These laboratories also have gas and liquid chromatography equipment, Karl Fisher, automatic crushers and areas for microbiological control among other types of equipment.

All products packaged by BILTREC are reviewed to ensure the highest quality standards.

An integrated system allows all the quality information to be available in an integrated and accessible manner in order to control and trace the large random controls that are carried out both at origin and at the arrival of the product.


REACH regulation:

BILTREC has a team specially trained in REACH that manages and controls that all imported products comply with this regulation.

Updated Safety Data Sheets for all products are available in multiple languages ​​upon request.

From BILTREC we guarantee a continuous monitoring of the implementation of any future regulations that from the EU can be established at the level of Safety, Environment, Transport and Labeling of product packaging.